Fred C. Frost

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Hearing God Through Physical Disorders​


Hearing God Through Physical Disorders is written to educate and inspire readers to take charge of their health and listen to what God is telling them about their spiritual lives.

As a pastor over churches and pastors, this book is a must-read. In this book Pastor Frost gives the answer to so many questions that pastors have.--Dr. Ann L. Hardman, Ann Hardman Ministries

I was introduced to nurse Fred Frost and Pastor Fred Frost during late nights on duty in the ER. As medical co-workers and more so as fellow brothers in Christ, I can say Fred is the real deal as a nurse and as a believer in Christ. This fascinating book could only be possible from a man who lives the life Fred lives. He knows medical pathology, and he knows the Lord Jesus. He's crafted a very insightful work, using one of God's most amazing creations, the human body, to teach invaluable spiritual principles for those who desire to honor God with their lives. It's worth reading!--Dr. James Dell Crosby, M.D., Bullock County Hospital, Medical Director of Mercy Medical Ministry

Pastor Fred Frost is uniquely gifted with special motivation and powerful insight as a result of many outstanding years of pastoral care and hospital emergency room health care. It's amazing how he combines his pastoral and medical experiences and studies to produce such a book with both sound biblical and proven medical treatment. I highly recommend, endorse and support the ministry, work and writing of this author!--Bishop G. F. Austin, Diocesan Pentecostal
Assemblies of the World 9th Episcopal Diocese of Alabama