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I'm here to share my gift of writing, music, spoken-word ministry and inspiration with you. It's my desire to enlighten, uplift as well as inspire you with what I've been blessed with.In addition, my wife Barbara Frost and daughter Kendra Frost have incredible and powerful singing gifts that I am sharing through this site as well.
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Fred & Artist Barbara Frost   .
Recording artist Barbara Frost
Fred Frost​​
Check out Barbara's new single entitled It's Your Birthday (Celebrate Life) Available through CD Baby's digital distribution. Release date is 4/16/17
I wear multiple hats including:Minister, Registered Nurse, author, songwriter, music producer, pastor, husband, father, and others. My most recent project is the release of my new book Hearing God Through Physical Disorders-What's Your body Saying?

I've written and produced multiple CD recordings including CDs for my wife Barbara Frost and our new birthday single It's Your Birthday (Celebrate Life)