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About It's Your Birthday
This birthday song was written and composed to encourage people to take time out to enjoy their life and just celebrate life itself as a gift. It's primarily pop music with a blend of melodic and soulful vocals. It's a very uplifting song that makes you happy, want to dance, and just have a good time. This is the first of different mixes to be released.This song is an absolute must if you are celebrating a birthday- it crosses all racial, social, religious, age, and cultural barriers!

Fred has been working in ministry several years spiritually, as a pastor, and physically as a registered nurse in the health care field. Married to recording artist/psalmist Barbara Frost, he's written numerous songs and produced multiple CD recordings for her. Most recently, he's written a book entitled "Hearing God Through Physical Disorders" that intertwines the physical disorders and ailments of the human body with the spiritual state of mankind producing quite a unique and informative compilation of analogies. 

Fred has composed a new inspirational birthday song entitled It's Your Birthday (Celebrate Life) that's soon to be released. Look for it soon on all digital outlets.

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About Simply Amazing
Aspiring to share sweet words through heartfelt melodies that inspire greatness, uplift spirits, and heal the body, Kendra describes her music as SoulSweet music. Intertwining her love of various genres, her sound is a stylistic blend of neo-soul, pop, R&B, and Disney. With India.Arie as a major influence, acoustic guitar often serves as the basis of her sound. Some of her other musical influences include her mom, Brandy, Norah Jones, Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, Sara Bareilles, Francesca Battistelli, and CeCe Winans. However, more than anything, the awareness of God throughout everyday life experiences has been the key to creating authentic art that tells a story.

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